Disaster Recovery Specialist

Natural Disaster Recovery Specialist Services

Pre Disaster Readiness

Provide advice on the Councils database and road centre lines for NDRRA programs. Collection of pre-disaster imagery utilising high definition camera system

Post Disaster Works

Collection, Assessment (scoping) & Preparation of data for Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement applications.


Management of the submission of scopes through the QRA MARS portal (ongoing debugging of issues to QRA)


Collection & Preparation of acquittal imagery data for Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement close outs and subsequent next event imagery (pre event).


Financial estimates of disaster works for planning and programming.


Creation of maps and databases in reference to the application documentation.


On-Demand response to clarification of work and changes of scope requests.


Liaison with QRA, Council’s and project manager groups for progress updates, Infield assessments and management of scopes.


Andrew the director of Spatial Collect is a results-driven professional with remarkable success in the civil construction industry for over 30 years. Andrew has developed efficient methods, equipment, and many other aspects of construction and development for local government. 


Spatial Collect’s innovative work has been taken to a new level by developing Lidar and GIS systems for accurate and effective asset management of roads. Recently Spatial Collect developed a software solution called Road Recon. Road Recon is an innovative software solution for rapid assessment of road condition which accumulates into quick transitions from pickup to finalized scoping (refer https://www.spatialcollect.com.au/roadrecon/)


Over an 8 year period Andrew was responsible for asset management services for a Townsville based Project Management Company. During this period Andrew has developed rapid collection, assessment, and submission process’s for disaster recovery funding arrangement programs. Shortened time frames from Disaster to Submission by 50% from previous claims processes. Andrew has been entrusted to deliver DRFA-funded outcomes for restoration works in North Queensland in excess of AUD$250 million during this period.


Spatial Collect can be easily procured by Local Government under the Local Buy panel for Asset Management Services.

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