Road Recon is road condition assessment software from Spatial Collect

Spatial Collect offers LiDAR, Imagery Collection & Processing solutions

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Mobile and UAV LiDAR System from Spatial Collect
Road Assessment Software from Spatial Collect


Speed up your collection to assessment outcome with Road Recon

Mobile and UAV LiDAR System from Spatial Collect


UAV drone's with different payload options & LiDAR systems. Please visit our partner - Innoflight International

Lidar scanning by Spatial Collect


LiDAR Surveying Service

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We are an aggressive team of pioneers in geomatics searching for new, innovative, and affordable solutions. We have partnered with Innoflight International that build economical UAV & mobile mapping systems, Spatial Collect  provides services utilising these systems.

Complete Solution

Fully integrated LiDAR solutions with all the tools and customer support (hardware, software & services)

Cost Effective

Optimize your workflow, expand your business, reduce your worries

User Friendly

Easy LiDAR data acquisition to be more productive in the field

24/7 Support

Hands-on assistance, survey planning & operations, data classification, accuracy assessment, quality control

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Innovative Businesses Trust Spatial Collect

Spatial Collect is rapidly developing business relationships with established technical firms in the UAS, Remote Sensing and GIS industry.

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Andrew from Spatial Collect has over 9 years LiDAR Scanning experience  and undertaking disaster recovery submissions for Local Government

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