Road Recon Software

Images Mapped to Road

Load geotagged imagery and Road Recon will align the images to chainage. Renaming tool renames images to road name and chainage. Imagery sorting tools speed up work flow from pickup to assessment.

Informed Decision Making

Make informed decision's by loading imagery and works scopes from previous dates and view simultaneously. Assessment imagery and pre assessment imagery is recorded in saved scopes.

QRA Mars Ready Forms

Created scopes are easily loaded into QRA MARS platform for Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. Imagery naming in forms allows for bulk uploading of imagery into MARS.

Scope Checking

Scope checking, create maintenance scopes, adding scopes and subtracting scopes. These scoping tools make creating scopes easy when there is QRA Event on Event scenarios.



  1. Export Geotagged EXIF data from images to .CSV
  2. Load chainage file and align Geotagged images to chainage locations.
  3. Bulk rename Images to road asset name and chainage.
  4. Bulk sort Images to road assets.
  5. View images individually or play images like a video whilst viewing road asset name and chainage location.
  6. Secondary image viewer where images from same asset can be viewed in synchronisation with main image viewer.
  7. Images locations shown on map with pin showing at what point you are viewing the images
  8. Search to chainage or select image location and navigate to image
  9. Load scope of works from previous events or maintenance and view scopes on map.
  10. Scope works with scoping tool . Record chainage start and end of works. Select repair treatments and write comments for each scope item.
  11. Exported scopes (.CSV) are easily loaded into QRA MARS portal as submissions with the ability to Bulk upload imagery without any further processing.
  12. Combine Scopes, Subtract scopes or Create Maintenance scope from the scope created in Road Recon